Gallery: Million-Dollar Motorhomes And Classy Caravans Of The 2018 Caravan Salon

This year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon had a fascinating selection of production and concept campers of all styles and sizes. We’ve already looked at the smallest trailers of the show; now it’s time to turn our attention to the coupe-swallowing, triple-axle motorhomes, off-road expedition trucks and stretched luxury caravans. These are the most expensive, well-equipped and downright extreme motorhomes and caravans we saw during our time in Germany.

“Most expensive” does not always mean “most impressive,” but we’d say the two matched up pretty closely at this year’s Caravan Salon. With its stretched bodywork and near-full length expansion slide-out, the Volkner Performance S is a lavish jaw-dropper on its own. But slide a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, the one-time Nürburgring champion, into the slide-out garage betwixt its axles, and you have one of the most memorable vehicles of the show.

The €1.47-million (approx. US $1.7-million) Volkner Mobil Performance S was the most expensive vehicle of Düsseldorf, according to a press document put out by the show’s media department. We weren’t so happy about that fact when we first came upon it and its weighty sticker, since we had just spent some serious time photographing the €1.37-million ($1.6-million) Vario Mobil Perfect 1200 Platinum for this spot, prematurely naming it the price tag champion. But it didn’t take long for the spacious Volkner showcasing the world’s fastest 911 to win us over.

What did not win us over was the interior color and trim scheme that looked ripped out of a white camper box from the 1970s. That was a disappointment the minute we stepped on board, but we quickly remembered that it was surely but one of the many options that Volkner would be happy to dress the cabin in, to each customer’s taste.

Beyond that, those customers will enjoy one of the most luxurious, comfortable vehicles to ever touch highway pavement, a 454-hp (339-kW) live-in bus with five separate heaters, air conditioning, 1,800 watts of solar power feeding a 1,800-Ah battery bank, an induction cooktop, oven, dishwasher, Dolby surround sound system, super-roomy floor plan opened up by that large wall-out, and plenty of other comforts and technologies you wouldn’t expect to find anywhere outside of a sprawling home.

Those willing to forego some of the Performance S’ optional luxuries can buy in at a base price of €989,000 (US$1.2 million), but we’ll bet the average Volkner customer isn’t looking for “entry level.

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